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Use Drive to Share Video Playlists

 Google Drive is a great way to work, collaborate, and share with anyone across the table or across the world. Video is no exception to these rules! Richard Byrne recently posted that he recommends privately sharing videos through Google Drive on his FreeTech4Teachers blog.

I would take what he says one step further. Frequent Drive users will already know that items within a shared folder, carry the same share settings as the folder, i.e. if the folder's share setting is "Anyone with the Link can View", then everything within the folder is automatically set "Anyone with the Link can View" unless you individually change the setting. This is great to be aware to because using this knowledge you can easily create a playlist within your Google Drive for students to access. Here's how:

  1. Create a folder in Drive, giving it a relevant name to the topic. 
  2. Set the share setting to "Anyone with the Link can View". 
  3. Add relevant videos to the folder, making sure the name of the video also includes a number in the order the viewer is supposed to watch the video. 
  4. Share the Link to the folder through your LMS, website, or social platform. 

Note: You can absolutely use other share settings to make the videos more private, such as privately adding singular people at a time to share the playlist. Anyone with the Link is just an easy way to share the playlist with an entire class of student through another password protected platform!

Thanks for reading! Hope you found it helpful! Let me know how I can continue to help you #EdTech! ~ Ryan


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