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Moving Toward Techess: It's a Pay Me Now, Pay Me Later Situation.

Many teachers that I know are among the most organized people on the planet of earth. They somehow manage to organize 7 subject/periods worth of materials neatly and orderly, think through routines for their classroom procedures, have a time/place for everything, and can see days, weeks, months in advance all the while dealing with 25 plus individual little people called students and the unique challenges that each one bring to the classroom. It is really nothing short of miraculous that these individuals aren't filling boards full of rantings, plans, and other thoughts, that we won't mention here, which cross their brain ala A Beautiful Mind.

Technology can certainly help in a plethora of ways. One of the ways is that there are less physical materials to get lost in the shuffle from point A --> B. One thing I firmly believe is that technology can help you manage your stuff if you develop systems. Something I told my students when I was in the classroom and tell my teacher…