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Nearpod for the New Year!

As you think about planning for the New Year and how to get learners reengaged with your content, don't overlook Nearpod as a way to switch up your learning experience and gain a little motivation! Also, remember that Google Slides, PPTs, Pictures and PDF import directly into Nearpod, enabling you to use your existing presentation(s) while inserting interactive slides to gauge knowledge transfer! 
Here’s how to import Google Slides. Below is a screenshot that highlights how you can bring in the other file types: 

You can also pull these lessons directly in to Schoology using either the Link and sharing the Code for learners to join, or alternately using the embed code to have learners to interact with Nearpod directly in Schoology!

For more on any of these tips and more check out our PV Nearpod Group on Schoology!